CFF Show 20.-21.1.2018 Helsinki, Finland

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5 AB + 1 SP

Inga Balchiuniene (LT – AB / Guest from WCF), Donna Fuller (US – AB),
Doreann Nasin (US – AB), Peter Vanwonterghem (BE – AB),
Yanina Vanwonterghem (BE – AB),
Teo Vargas Huesa (SP – LH SP), Frank Dueker (DE – SH SP)

CFA CH Deraza Inside Job, aka Verso.
Verso got 116 grand points in his very first show in championship. Proud and happy!

Frank Dueker: Miisu, Kissi and Elsa in final.

Miisu, aka TA 10 Deraza Lotty Hot Polka Dot
5th SP Kitten, 8th AB Kitten, 10th AB Kitten, 2nd AB Kitten, 10th AB Kitten.

Kissi, aka Deraza Kissy Wizard
8th AB Kitten, 8th SP Kitten

Elsa, aka Deraza Kitty Costum Maid
7th AB Kitten, 2nd SP Kitten

My sweet choconose funnypaw Suffeli ready to jump into Sturdi bag of Frédéric Lachaud Goedert.
Suffeli is going to live in France for a while.

Suffeli, aka Deraza Keep Purple
10th SP Kitten, 7th AB Kitten, 5th AB Kitten, 7th AB Kitten

CFA PR Deraza Doodle Dandy, aka Vinha